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Grounds for ministry is a Bible based educational initiative of Kingdom Vision Ministries. It has been created to fill the vacuum of training and preparing ministers and ministry leaders to meet the demands and spiritual needs of both believers in the church and people who are drawn to the church who are genuinely seeking both a spiritual relationship with God and answers to their individual purpose in life.

The purpose of  Grounds for Ministry is to address both the spiritual and educational needs of any individual who has ever sensed the the “call of God”, but has lacked both adequate training and experience to effectively pursue this endeavor.

We hope to motivate and inspire each person to take an honest look at their motivation and purpose for their unique and personal response to God.

Grouds for Ministry has been initiated to address three key areas in the spiritual development of a believer who has indicated the call of God on their life:

  1. Spiritual identity – this is accomplished through a series of teachings designed to help raise each believers’ conscious level of their true identity in God.

  2. Biblical competency- In order for any believer to accomplish their God given purpose, it is necessary for them to have a proper biblical understanding of

  1. God’s original intent and purpose for humanity according to the Scriptures.

  2. God’s provision for us to maintain an intimate and personal relationship with him that will produce proper understanding and application of the principles contained within the Scriptures.

  1. Kingdom agenda- The key to effectively applying the necessary wisdom and understanding to any level of ministry activity, is the correct understanding of our overall impact and effect on both the church and the world at large.  Grounds for ministry will emphasize spiritual development through the goal of being trained and equipped to fulfill God’s Kingdom agenda according to (Genesis 1:26-28.)

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